How to get the Amazon Lighting Deals!

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Have you ever found a Lightning Deal and go to buy it and it sells out in seconds.  Here are a few tips to show you how to be one of those people that SNAGS the HOT deals!

First:  You need to follow the Amazon Lightning Deals page to get an up to date listing of all current and upcoming lightning deals

Second:  Like Emmi Janes on Facebook to keep up to date on all of the sales at Amazon!

Third:  Click on the item that you are interested in NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES before the deal is set to go live.  Lightning Deals will only hold in your cart for 15 minutes prior to purchase. (If the price of the items doesn't adjust (MOST WILL), you will then need to go back to the Lightning Deals front page and add it again).

Finally:  Once it is live and when the price adjusts and it looks great to you (NOBODY knows what the price is until it goes live), check out and pat yourself on the back because you just beat people to that item you wanted!

You can also sign up for Amazon Prime and receive FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!

**NOTE**  DO add yourself to the waiting list. If there is a deal that you are wanting and it is 100% claimed, it is not unheard of for people to have it in their carts and pass on the deal.  When the 15 minutes is up from it sitting in their cart......YOU can score the deal if you are on the waiting list.  But you will need to be quick. They only offer you a certain amount of time to accept the offer before it expires and it goes to the next person in line.

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