My View from the Bridge

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"My View from the Bridge"

     Every evening my youngest daughter and I go to the bridge, that is a up the street from our house.  This is the view that we see every time.  Such a beautiful site.  This is the Wichita River.  We go there to see the fish and to check on the baby turtles.  Basically to have bonding time.  I enjoy every minute of it.  We talk about how her day was at school and she how she loves fishing.  She is growing up so fast and into such a lovely young lady, yet I really don't want her to grow up at all. 

      In fact, I wish all of my kids would just stay, well...KIDS.  They are all growing up so fast.  My oldest daughter is 19, my son is 16 and my youngest is 14.   I pray every night for them to have this time with their kids, like I have with them and that they could share the same view, from the bridge, that I had to share with them.  

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