Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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This is in honor of all men and women that are currently fighting or have fought the battle of breast cancer.

     It was many years ago when we got the news.  My step-mom, who we call our Mother, found a lump when she was taking a shower.  She called the doctors office right away.  It was an appointment that she never really wanted to go to.  They did a biopsy of the lump and said they would have the results in 3 to 4 days.  Those were the longest days of her life.  The "what if's" were just rolling around in her head.  The day came and the doctor called right away.  It was those words she NEVER wanted to hear.

     The next few days were like a whirlwind.  With appointment after appointment, she never missed a beat.  I knew she was scared, yet she never let it show.  Her attitude was just astounding.  I remember when she started to going to chemo.  We used to work together and through it all.....she never missed a day of work.  Sick or not, she always showed up.  She has never let this disease get her down.  Always there with a smile on her face.

     Today she is 6 years in remission and is picture of health.  She is the greatest influence in my life.  A Godly woman who never let a Devil's disease, take her.  I love her very much!

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