~~~DIY Window Cleaner!~~~

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DIY Window Cleaner

     I was starting my daily cleaning regimen, like many of us do and I came to find that we had run out of window cleaner.  Darn, so does this mean that I DO NOT have to clean the windows?  Not so fast, I thought to my self.  I looked in the fridge for some vinegar (I cook our sausage and cabbage with it), then I checked under the sink for the ammonia.  We already had the soap on the counter, from doing dishes the night before and the food coloring has been in the spice pantry...I don't know...for like a year now!  Well, what do we have here...we have the makings of some window cleaner.  

     I gathered all of the ingredients and started to make some.  The recipe I came up with is below:

1/4 cup of Ammonia
1/4 cup of White Vinegar
1/4 tsp of Dawn Dish Soap
10 drops of blue food coloring (any color will do)

     I used a brand new spray bottle that is 32 oz.  Added the ingredients above then added warm water to the top.  

Whola!!!  I made window cleaner.  It actually does work and with the soap being in it, it doesn't leave streaks or a film.  It is really good recipe.  Hope you like it :)

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